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You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable Critical Care coverage can be.  

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Many plans today may cover: 

Cancer, Heart Attack,  Strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease,  Heart Attack,  Kidney Failure, Blindness, Cancer,  Major Organ Transplant,  Stroke, HIV/AIDs, Coma,

Paralysis, Brain Tumor, Parkinson's Disease, Coronary Artery Bypass

Invented By A Doctor, Not The Insurance Industry

Critical Illness insurance was invented by world renowned heart surgeon Dr. Marius Barnard. Dr. Barnard observed first-hand the detrimental financial impact his patients experienced following their treatment. Too many of them were putting their recovery at risk by forcing themselves back to work too soon just to pay the bills. Dr. Barnard felt this was wrong and that there should be an insurance product that could provide recovering patients a cash payment the moment an illness was diagnosed. His observations ultimately gave birth to modern Critical Illness insurance. Critical Illness insurance is a Limited Benefit Policy.  It is not a comprehensive major medical plan or Medicare supplement policy. 

Focus On Your Recovery, Not Your Bills

Critical Illness insurance is about reducing the emotional and financial stress associated with the diagnosis of and recovery from a critical illness. The purpose of this insurance is to help families narrow or even close this growing financial gap and focus on getting well and not wondering about how to pay the bills.

Critical Illness Insurance Is Simple

If you are diagnosed with a covered illness like Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke or Alzheimer’s disease, Critical Illness insurance pays typically pays a lump sum. However, some policies may pay a monthly cash benefit. You have complete discretion on how to spend the money – it can be for out of network medical costs, experimental treatments or even to pay your mortgage. It can be for anything you decide. No bills or receipts are required and no strings attached.

To learn more about Critical Illness insurance give us a call us today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll discuss the importance of adequate health care planning and how Critical Illness insurance can play a role in your own personal health care strategy.

Don’t forget to ask us for a copy of our newest educational guide called “Surviving Critical Illness Financially”. This important guide will help you understand the dilemma that a critical illness may create for you and how Critical Illness insurance can help make your life more secure.

How Critical Illness Insurance Coverage Can Work For You

Are you financially prepared for a Critical Illness? Unfortunately most are not. Too many people discover that after a critical illness diagnosis their primary health insurance is inadequate, resulting in a large financial burden directly on yours shoulders.

The main objective of Critical Illness insurance is to reduce financial stress. These policies pay cash benefits upon the diagnoses of a covered condition. This money can be used for anything. Whether it’s to pay for out-of-network medical costs, experimental treatment not covered by conventional health insurance or to pay your mortgage - you decide how to use the money, not the insurance company.

While we don’t consider Critical Illness insurance a replacement for your health insurance, it is an important supplemental benefit that can provide much needed financial relief and financial flexibility.

To learn more about Critical Illness insurance, give us a call today: 509-575-0016 or Email us.

Critical Care

If you fell ill would you have the means to cover any expenses while you miss work?

For most of us, the answer is "no."  The good news is there is a solution. Critical illness coverage can help your financial situation if you become ill and, in addition, may pay you will in a nursing facility if that becomes necessary.