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Introducing the Medicareful Living Family Cookbook!

The team at Medicareful Living pushes ourselves to try something new in order to meet the quality expectations of our readers. Whether it’s adding a new series of articles, creating video shorts of our articles for quick summaries, or launching a newsletter with thousands of subscribers, we’re always excited to experiment and have fun with our creative output. Today, we’re excited to announce the biggest creative endeavor we’ve ever undertaken: The Medicareful Living Family Cookbook!

What is the Medicareful Living Family Cookbook?

Regular readers of Medicareful Living may remember our article on the value of family recipes. At the beginning of this article, the writer shared their story of finding a collection of family recipes and putting them into a cookbook for their family. That story sparked an idea from our team to create a Medicareful Living cookbook! Filled with 40 of our favorite recipes, The Medicareful Living Family Cookbook is sure to be a staple within your own family.

Here’s a peek at a five-course meal you can make using dishes from our cookbook!

  • Course 1: Our cookbook author’s Traditional Holiday Stuffed Artichokes
  • Course 2: A salad with the bright Flavia Dressing and fresh bread
  • Course 3: Grandma Josephine’s Homemade Manicotti
  • Course 4: A decadent Coq au Vin served over creamy mashed potatoes
  • Course 5: Louise’s Million Calorie Brownies

With more than 1,500 meal combinations, this is only a taste of what you’ll be able to experiment with. That’s not all you’ll find within the pages of the cookbook. We’ve also got:

  • The recipe that started our writer’s lifelong love of food
  • Our best in-house recipes that’ll make you go “WOW!”
  • A fresh pasta recipe straight from Italy
  • The best way to reuse leftover mashed potatoes

Download Our Cookbook to Start Cooking

Getting your own copy of our cookbook is easy. Simply fill out the form, then download your copy!

Shortly after you’ve downloaded the cookbook, you’ll receive an email from us thanking you for your interest. Save this email, because it includes links to download the cookbook again if you ever need to, as well as a mobile-friendly version in case you want to access the cookbook on your mobile device or tablet!

See Our Recipes in Action!

To celebrate the launch of the cookbook, we’re also releasing Season 3 of our Medicareful YUM series. This season features a Medicareful Living content creator and the cookbook’s author, Jeff, who walks you through several of the recipes from the cookbook. He’ll go step-by-step through dishes like veggie orecchiette, a set it and leave it pot roast, and a generations old pizza dolce recipe. Additionally, Jeff demonstrates a few valuable kitchen skills like how to break down a chicken, deglaze a pan, and make your own fresh pasta. And, just like the cookbook, these videos are available to you for free!

● ● ●

We’re very excited to share this cookbook with you! These recipes have been a big part of our family dinners and personal culinary journeys. You’ll be certain to enjoy cooking and eating as much as we have with our loved ones over the years.

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