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CMS & Insurers Announce Part C and D COVID-19 Coverage

CMS recently met with insurers and released a guidance and memorandum to expand availability of COVID-19 tests and services. Here's what you need to know.

Judy Graham, Senior Knitter for the Stars

Want to learn how to knit from the knitter to the stars, who's work has appeared in some of your favorite movies and tv? Introducing Judy Graham!

3 Senior Women Who Have Changed the World

Happy Women's History Month! To celebrate, we want to honor these three women who are over the age of 65!

Ways to Avoid Getting Sick

With the spread of the coronavirus and seasonal flu, we wanted to answer the question what are some ways you can stay healthy and avoid getting sick?

The Health Benefits of Photography

Photography can be a fun pastime and creative outlet for many. It can also positively influence your health in numerous ways!

What Materials Are Not Microwave Safe?

The microwave is a useful kitchen appliance, but there are some things that just shouldn't go in it. Find out common materials that aren't microwave safe!

Ways Seniors Can Start a Photography Hobby

Have you ever wanted to get into photography, but didn't know how to get started? Here are a few tips that will help you succeed!

Want to Get Back to Work? 3 MORE Great Jobs for Seniors

Ready for three more great jobs for seniors and retirees? Earn a little extra cash during your retirement years with one of these excellent picks!

No Plans for Valentine's Day? Here Are 5 Last-Minute Ideas

Planning the perfect Valentine's Day can be tough! If you're running out of time, here are five great last-minute Valentine's Day ideas!

CMS 2021 Proposed Changes to Medicare Advantage & Part D Programs

Being able to afford the right medications and easily access health care is important to many Medicare beneficiaries. Here are the 2021 MA and Part D c...

Why Do We Celebrate That? Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a love or hate holiday, with many believing it to be just an excuse for greeting card sales. Those involved in the roots of this old...

Giving Your Home a Fire Safety Check

House fires cause billions of dollars in damages and thousands of deaths each year. You can prevent this danger by giving your home a fire safety check!

More Simple Tips to Stay Mentally Sharp

Your cognitive health is one of the most important factors in your quality of life. Here are more simple ways you can stay mentally sharp as you age!

4 Ways to Enjoy a Puzzle on National Puzzle Day

Whether you're breaking out an old jigsaw or solving a crossword, here are a few ways you can celebrate National Puzzle Day!

3 Popular Types of Salt, and Why They Matter

Not all salts are made equal. Today, we're looking at the different types of salt out there and why that matters to your cooking.