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What's the Healthiest Type of Milk?

There are several different types of cow’s milk. Have you ever wondered why, and which one is healthiest?

Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Seniors

You may be ready to adopt a new dog, but there are so many to choose from! Luckily, there are several ways to find a senior-friendly dog breed.

The Importance of Fiber in Your Diet

Have you ever wondered why so many products brag about their fiber content? If so, you may be surprised at just how healthy fiber is for you.

Medicareful Travel: Senior Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect travel destination for seniors for a variety of reasons. If you've never been there, here's why you should make Sin City a fut...

Can Medicare Help Me Stop Smoking?

Smoking is very addictive, which can make quitting a good idea and equally difficult. Programs exist to help, but they can be expensive. Does Medicare ...

6 Cures for Bad Breath

Want to prevent or fix bad breath? We have six ways to help you freshen up your breath immediately and for the long term!

Probiotic-Rich Recipes for a Healthy Diet

Probiotics help maintain your gut health and can even help you lose weight. How can you easily add them into your diet? We've got you covered!

How and When Can I Change Medicare Plans?

If you don't love your Medicare plan or need to change for whatever reason, when are you allowed to make that change and how do you switch plans?

Cooking for Beginners: Kitchen Knives

There are so many kinds of kitchen knives out there, but do you really need them all? We're looking at a few of the most common types of knives, and wh...

The Signs of Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

It's not uncommon to feel hot during the summer, but when does it become a problem? What are some of the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion?

Are Chiropractic Services Covered by Medicare?

You have several treatment options for back pain, including going to a chiropractor. But, are these services covered by your Medicare?

Ways to Make a Senior Living Facility Feel More Like Home: Part 2

To really make your nursing home or senior community feel like home, you have to do more than decorate your personal space. Here's how to get the most ...

Am I Too Old to Get Fit?

One of the common reasons why seniors don't exercise is the belief that they're too old to get fit. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Does Medicare Cover Alternative Medicine?

For many people, alternative medicine is a viable option to use instead of, or alongside, traditional health care. Is it covered by Medicare?

Why Does Sugar Taste Good

Cutting sugar out of your diet can be one of the hardest ways to lose weight. Why does sugar taste so good, and why do we crave it?