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Health Benefits of Pickles (Plus a Family Recipe!)

Many people love pickles for their crunch and their flavor, but there's actually a lot of health benefits of pickles, too! Ready to make some for yours...

Superfood Snack Hacks: Garlic

We recently learned that garlic is not only a popular ingredient, but also a superfood! Today, we’ve got three recipes for garlic lovers!

Want to Get Back to Work? 3 Great Jobs for Seniors

There are many reasons why a senior may want to find a second career (or side hustle) during retirement. If this describes you, here are three jobs tha...

3 Common & Unhealthy Habits

There are many common habits that are actually pretty unhealthy for you. Here’s three you may do and probably should stop.

The Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic may be a popular flavor in a lot of dishes, but there are many health benefits of garlic in your diet. Could it even be a superfood?

What to Do If Your Medicare Card is Lost or Stolen

Knowing what to do if your Medicare card is lost or stolen is important. Luckily, getting a replacement Medicare card is easy. Here’s how to get a new ...

How to Find Relief from a Persistent Cough

Finding relief from a persistent cough can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a sleepless, frustrated evening for you and your signif...

Your Metabolism and Simple Ways to Boost It

Metabolism. Everybody’s got one and some understanding that it’s connected to weight loss. But what is your metabolism, really?

Changing Seniors’ Lives, Three Designs at a Time

This year’s Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge announced a shocking result for their winners. Congratulations to everyone who competed!

Easy Ways to Go Green for Earth Day & Beyond

Earth Day is here! To celebrate, we’re looking at some of the simple ways you can be eco-friendly today and throughout the year. Are you ready to go gr...

Why Do We Celebrate That? Easter Traditions

Many Easter traditions we celebrate today have deep, controversial roots that reach back hundreds of years. Discover why we celebrate some of Easter's ...

How Medicare Helps You Prepare for a Hospital Discharge

When you’re in the hospital, your treatment is tightly regimented. Once you leave, though, your care falls on you. Medicare’s hospital discharge planni...

How to Get Involved in Your Community

Staying involved in your neighborhood can give you a new purpose and add meaning to your life, especially during retirement. It also allows you to buil...

Oh, My GERD! Finding Relief from Heartburn

Finding relief from heartburn, a common ailment for many Americans, may seem impossible. But, avoiding heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD is both cost-ef...

Seasonal Picks: 3 Foods You Should Try This Spring

After a tough winter, we’re finally starting to see green, and with spring, comes a whole crop of seasonal foods that you should try!